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Our Client's Top 5 Most Asked Questions About Kosher Wigs

We here at Fabi of Rome specialize in all types of wigs and hair prosthesis to fit all our clients needs. Many of our Jewish clients have found it difficult to find high quality kosher wigs, that is, until they came to us!

Many of those clients asked similar questions during their consultations. Here is a list of the most common questions our clients had about kosher wigs.

"What Makes a Wig Kosher?"

Most natural wig hair comes from India. However, the way that the hair is obtained from the donating person

doesn't align with kosher doctrine. Kosher wigs usually come from donors in European countries, and the hair is closely monitored to ensure it isn't exposed to, or mixed with non-kosher hair.

"Are Kosher Wigs a Different Quality?"

Kosher wigs are just as high quality as the other wigs we sell. They can be colored, washed, and treated just the same way you would a natural non kosher hair wig.

"Are There Synthetic Kosher Wigs?"

Yes! Synthetic wigs can be made kosher, so kosher clients can enjoy as much style and versatility as non-kosher clients.

"How Many Styles Do Kosher Wigs Come In?"

Kosher wigs come in long, short, curly, straight, black, brown, blonde and everything in between. Since they're made of human hair that is obtained in a kosher way, you can color them with herbal color just like any other wig. If you have a particular style in mind, our stylist can work his magic on your kosher wig to give you the look you want.

"Are There Kosher Hair Extensions?"

Yes, Kosher hair extensions are just as high quality as, and come in just as many styles as typical hair extensions.

If you have questions that weren't answered here, or want to get your own Kosher wig or sheitel, call us for a consultation!

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