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Tips for your hair loss problems and caring for your hair.

Hair Loss Tips

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Fabi of Rome Can Give Men Full, Natural Looking Hair!

Hair loss can be a devastating blow to anyone's self confidence. A lack of confidence can hurt your love life and even your future finances. Both men and women can suffer from hair loss for similar reasons. However, many men find that their hair restoration options are somewhat limited.

Fortunately, Fabi of Rome offers several hair restoration options that are designed to give men the youthful, masculine glow that can only come with a full head of hair. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect when you choose hair restoration by Fabi!

An Easy, Simple, Professional Consultation

The first thing our master stylist will do before performing a hair restoration procedure on a client is have a one on one consultation. This consultation serves several purposes.

The first purpose is so the stylist can get a firsthand look at the condition of your hair and the source of your hair loss. Every client's head requires a different approach for the best result. The second purpose of the consultation is so you can get comfortable with the stylist, and ask them any questions you may have.

Remember, hair restoration is about making you feel your best. For us, that means before, during, and after the procedure!

Full, Natural Looking Hair With A Solid Hairline

Hair restoration done by Fabi of Rome offers natural looking hair that you can comb and style as if you grew it yourself. We use 100% human hair to create a full, natural looking hairline.

One little secret that we use to make our hair appear more natural than other procedures you'd get elsewhere is to irregularly space the hair on the head. Real hair doesn't follow neat grid lines, it's flowing and free!

This is just one of the many tricks we use to give you an amazing head of hair. If you want to know the others, book a free consultation today!

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