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" How To Care For A Synthetic Wig"

Synthetic wigs are fabulous alternatives to natural hair wigs.They can easily hold up to frequent styling and high heat thanks to their new heat resistant fibers. However, synthetic wigs need some specific maintenance in order to last.

Most wearers don't know how to properly care for synthetic wig. Luckily, we've compiled this list of easy synthetic wig care tips from our professional stylists.

The Easy Way To Wash Synthetic Wigs

  1. It's important to note that synthetic wigs last longer the less you wash them. However, your wig is going to get dirty eventually. Before washing, gently remove all tangles with a wig comb or your fingers working your way up from tip to root. Don't rush through, or you could rip out hair fibers.

  1. Add a small amount (around a tablespoon) of mild shampoo to cool water. Using hot water or harsh shampoos can leave the wig feeling stripped.

  1. Soak the wig for roughly 5 minutes, then rinse the shampoo out thoroughly. You shouldn't have to rub the wig dry. That will damage the fibers.

  2. Hang the wig to dry or use a blow dryer. You should never twist or squeeze your wig dry.


after shampooing apply a recommended conditioner, gently massage the conditioner trough , rinse again, blot dry gently with a towel, apply recommended revive liquid enhancement.

Note; Do not rub the fiber at any time or it will create tangling.

Let the wig air dry, then gently use a wide tooth comb , start combing hair at the ends and working your way to the base. style as needed.

Caution ; do not use any heat from a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron on your 100% synthetic fiber wig. Stay away from heat sources such as the opening of an oven or the steam from straining foods. You may use your heated styling tools if your wig is made of 100% human hair or heat resistant fiber with

human hair blend. The heat used should not exceed 300 degree F.

We recommend weekly shampooing and conditioning for optimal results.

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