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Tips for your hair loss problems and caring for your hair.

Hair Loss Tips

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TrichoSciencePro (C)- The breakthrough highly sophisticated diagnostic tool used to evaluate the pro

TrichoSciencePro © software incorporates specialty studies, which do require specific assessment techniques in order to be performed. There are four main diagnostic study modules of Trichoscopy, Phototrichogram, Trichogram and Dermatoscopy. Other studies which can be conducted for patient evaluation include modules of semiautomatic “Hair calculator” with Trichometry functions, “Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale” questionnaire for rapid assesment of patient emotional background and "Additional studies” to perform global photographs analysis and save any diagnostic images for dynamic treatment comparison, etc. The separate “Express Trichoscopy” module of the program is dedicated for express diagnostic Trichoscopy sessions to be performed when a time period devoted to each session is limited and there is no need to save specific patient/client file, etc. This diagnostic tool is here at Fabi of Rome .

We provide hair loss evaluation using all study modules of Trichoscopy,Phototrichogram,Trichogram, and Dermatoscopy. call us for an evaluation.

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