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Tips for your hair loss problems and caring for your hair.

Hair Loss Tips

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Curly styled wigs are very popular, especially with our African American clients. They can be dressed up, dressed down, and have a unique character that can't be copied by any other type of hair!

We've gotten a few questions from our African American clients who wonder where the hair comes from. So we decided to give a quick Q&A.

"Where Does African American Wig and Extension Hair Come From?"

African American wig and extension hair is usually sourced from India and China, and not Africans themselves. The straight hair from Indians and Chinese is then lightly processed to give it a tight, appealing curl.

"Why Does The Hair Come From India and China?"

Real African-American hair doesn't exist on the commercial market. It's easier for hair creators to purchase straight hair and process it, as African American hair can vary greatly in curl pattern tightness and hair quality.

"Why Is African American Hair Harder To Care for?

African american hair grows in a tight spiral, creating its famous voluminous curly pattern. The tight spiral pattern also gives the hair the ability to give up moisture quickly which keeps it from getting greasy. The curl pattern also protects the cuticle from sloughing off - a common problem with straight hair.

However, the curl pattern also has its problems. For example; African American hair dries out quickly in dry climates and is very fragile at the ends. The hair also forms knots easily making it difficult to grow long enough for harvesting without extensive care.

In short, African American hair requires a caring hand in order to flourish whereas straight hair needs less care. Luckily, straight hair can be processed into any curl texture you want. Contact us today to see our selection!

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