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Tips for your hair loss problems and caring for your hair.

Hair Loss Tips

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New Chemo Wig Collection Debut September 30th 2015

Fabi of Rome is proud to announce the grand opening of the new Chemo wig Collection By FABI private label on September 30th 2015 .

The new Private label,

WIGS” by Fabi of Rome will provide a new standard of luxury, beauty, and comfort for clients undergoing chemotherapy treatments, resulting in a chemo induced temporary Alopecia .

The FABI collection provides over 200 styles to choose from.

Your new FABI wig is protected by our exclusive one year guarantee when combined with our zero cost maintenance program option.

The spirit of supreme quality, design, knowledge and compassion has been the tradition of Fabi of Rome for the past 40 years.

We are your partners in your journey.

Call us today for a no cost or obligation consultation.

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